Proactive outplacement programme

When you are in the situation, where you need to cut staff it is often a difficult situation, not only for the people hit by the redundancies, but also for the leader having to manage the conversation and the employees staying. Therefore it can be of great help to all people involved that you offer  your former employees professional outplacement support. By ensuring a professional and effective outplacement programme you safeguard your brand and word of mouth reputation at the same time as helping the people who need to move on.

We offer a unique programme and differentiate ourselves from most existing outplacement companies by coming directly from the field and thereby knowing exactly what mechanisms and processes that often have preceded when an employee is laid off. We contact the employee shortly after the job termination to quickly manage any uncertainty and/or frustration.  

Less talk - More action! 

Our outplacement programme is much more personal and hands-on than the traditional offerings. When we say we invest ourselves it means that we:
  • Provide access to our own elaborate network of 4000+ profiles and brands
  • Actively contact possible new employers and look out for relevant opportunities
  • Drive the mentoring process proactively and in close collaboration with the candidate
  • Assist the candidate in developing “First 100 days plan” and similar tasks in the final recruitment process
  • Support candidates with mentoring prior to interviews
  • We follow the candidate right through until a contract has been signed

The mentor programme targets strong commercial senior profiles and mid-level managers across all industries.  
Complementpeople offers this proactive outplacement programme in collaboration with Niels Møller fra Ordo Recruitment.

All meetings are held in attractive and calm meeting facilities at The Audo, Århusgade 130, 2150 Nordhavn.

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