Find your differentiator

Why should customers choose you as a provider instead of one of your competitors? With the fierce competition in many industries today it is crucial to identify your differentiator in the market. Volvo is known for security, Nike for performance and Netto for low price - what is yours? 

The question is one of the most important ones for you and your colleagues to be able to answer and unfortunately many businesses struggle to do so. If you can’t answer it, how can you expect potential customers to be able to and consequently become a customer. 

The process

Project description
Together with you, we define the scope and size of the project. Where do you see the main challenge and what do you expect to get out of the assignment. On that basis we agree on a project plan with milestones before getting started.


We work with different tools and models to obtain the information needed to define your differentiator, both quantitative and qualitative analysis. We pinpoint what kind of demands and wishes potential customers have when looking for a specific product or service and what emotions and values customers connect to your brand compared to competitors. 

By interviewing selected employees, customers and competitors and adding desk top research, covering internal and external information, we are able to establish key points about what makes your company special and where you have a competitive advantage in the market. Consequently how those insights may influence your commercial strategy. 


The defined differentiator should end up being crystal clear and permeate the way you work both with the internal communication as well as the way you communicate to the market. 

If needed we can also assist you when it comes to implementing the project findings i the organization.

“Can you tell me why customers should buy your product and not the competitors?
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Henriette Høyer, Founder

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