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Don't you reach your sales targets and are you having a hard time figuring out where to turn to change that?  With 20 years of experience from the telco and fintech industry, complementpeople has developed a "Go to Market efficiency" model (see below) and with that also 6 questions, that will give an indication of where your company should invest time to sell more.  

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Henriette Høyer, Founder

Optimize your Go to Market plan

Have you tried to launch a product or a service and then experience that the sales numbers don't live up to your expectations? The reasons behind can naturally be many, but one we often meet is that the sales people are not sure about how to express the value proposition towards new customers or can’t explain the pricing compared to competitors. Both situations minimize the chances of closing the deal. Other things like prioritizing investments in sales people when the market really demands stronger digital presence are also decisions impacting sales numbers and thereby revenue negatively.

The process

Project description

Together with you, we define the scope and size of the project. Where do you see the main challenge and what do you expect to get out of the assignment. On that basis we agree on a project plan including success milestones before getting started.


We work with the below model – illustrating the path from developing a product or service to the day it is launched to the market. It shows how information flow back and forth between departments ensures that the required information from the market gets taken into account when developing and launching a new product or service. The sales team has the direct interaction with the market via customer interaction and is therefore a key player in securing that crutial information about the market, ie product changes and new product launches from competitors, changes in customer demands etc, gets communicated to the rest of the commercial team. The Market covers all participants, ie customers, competitors, the media, regulatory authorities etc.

Go to Market efficiency model. Developed by complementpeople

Factors impacting return on investment  

  • High efficiency in the work and information flow between departments ensures better return on investment.
  • Factors impacting the efficiency:
    • Product - a bad product can’t be fixed by good sales people and vice versa
    • Processes and governance structure 
    • Organization in terms of competences, report lines and management focus
By using the model and other relevant tools we can analyze your existing Go to Market flow and pinpoint where relevant interventions can generate a more efficient flow and optimize your investment in the commercial area and thereby create a higher ROI.

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